Who are we?

Code F. is a company that offers innovative and independent financial education and financial coaching solutions to help Quebecers improve their financial health. In addition to its social responsibility, Code F. also wants to make employers (business leaders and human resources managers) aware of of employees’ financial stress, its impact on organizations and the importance of taking charge of it.

Why choose us?

At Code F., your financial health is a commitment, and to help you achieve it, we offer financial education and support solutions based on:

Workshops and newsletters covering ALL areas of personal finance

A dynamic and diversified network of experts and partners

Practical resources and tools for a sound management of personal finance

A professional, personalized and confidential coaching program

A team that is available, flexible and attentive to your needs!


    To make Quebecers happier, financially healthier and more successful thanks to independent and innovative financial education and financial coaching solutions!

    To be an innovative and benchmark company in financial education and the promotion of sound personal financial management.

    To democratize personal finance so that everyone, regardless of age, social background/net worth and origins, has access to the information they need to make informed choices.


A large network of experts and specialists!

In addition to our qualified financial advisors, we can introduce you to a large network of experts and specialists in personal finance with many years of expertise in their field: Financial security advisors, financial planners, notaries, accountants, etc.

We all work in collaboration and we are fortunate to have a multidisciplinary network to bring a variety of perspectives to our solutions.

Want to join our team and contribute to our mission? Contact us at [email protected]

Annick Kwetcheu Gamo

The soul behind Code F.

Annick Kwetcheu Gamo is a a specialist in financial education and financial health, and the founder of Code F.

Holder of an M.sc. in Management and an MBA in International Management, Annick is also certified ALMI (Associate Life Management Institute) from Loma Quebec and has completed the Investment Funds in Canada and the Canadian Securities courses from the Canadian Securities Institute. Annick has accumulated more than 6 years of experience in the financial services industry, first in the administration of individual and group savings plans, then in wealth and investment management.

A very committed entrepreneur, here is a tribute from one of her former collaborators: « Annick distinguishes herself from other volunteers I know by her ownership of the causes she defends.  As a result, she does not wait to be told what to do. She takes the initiative, anticipates problems and brings solutions. In her enthusiasm, she can ask a lot of others and make some mistakes. But one of her strengths is also that she knows how to recognize her mistakes and continues to try to learn as much as possible. She likes to learn from her mistakes. All of these qualities make her a leader. This can be seen in her ability to propose, her capacity to innovate and create, to explore new paths, to be an agent of change, and to know how to mobilize and engage others.»


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